Over 125 Years

For over 125 years our products have been proudly made in the USA. Our precision, make to print cold headed fasteners, have been utilized in critical performance and precision applications by the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive/transportation, building construction, electrical/electronic and commercial/industrial markets.

Automotive & Transportation

We provide components both to international consumer and commercial vehicle manufacturers for OEM and aftermarket products.

Building & Construction

We manufacture a wide range of fasteners and pins for residential, commercial, and industrial building construction projects.

Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Electrical and electronic components, systems, and sub-systems can require an astonishing array of highly-precise fasteners designed to work in the smallest electronic instrumentation to the largest electrical power systems.

Quality Custom Fasteners

We are a leader in manufacturing precision, make-to- print, cold-headed fasteners for a wide range of industries and applications.

For over a century we have been designing, engineering and marketing fasteners, screws, and precision cold-formed parts, becoming a global supplier of tight-tolerance, critical-performance fasteners to the world’s leading companies in the automotive/transportation, building construction, electrical/electronic, and general commercial/industrial markets.

Reed & Prince ISO 9001:2000