OEM Vehicle & Aftermarket Product Manufacturing
The applications, products, and systems for which we supply fasteners include:

Electronic engine management
Mechanical engine management
Engine emission controls
Engine mounting
Tail latch system

Engine fluid conveyance
Electronic vehicle power outlet supply
Truck door
Truck bed trailer flooring

We also serve the automotive aftermarket, manufacturing a broad range of fasteners in brass, copper, and silicon bronze. We are one of the most highly-competitive North American aftermarket suppliers in the industry.

All the parts we manufacture are statistically controlled on the manufacturing floor with SPC software. Computer-connected measuring devices provide our technicians with real time process analysis of their production through the visual aids of run charts and X bar & R charts.

We have the systems and processes in place to provide the most comprehensive PPAP submission including:

Design check
Team Feasibility
Quality Check
Vendor Certifications
Control Plan

Dimensional Results
Process Flow Diagram
Measurement System Analysis Studies
Statistical Process Control Data Analysis
Part Submission Warrant