Our multi-faceted approach to quality control starts with our employees. Through on-going training, positive motivation, empowerment, and the use of proven business strategies, we have some of the industry’s highest performing workers, enabling us to produce the highest quality fasteners.


Business Quality Management System
We’ve adopted a Business Quality Management System (BQMS) Manual which specifies high standards for customer satisfaction and meeting all customer and applicable regulatory requirements, including ISO 9001.

Business Quality Management System - Reed & Prince

Strict adherence to industry quality standards
All of our high-quality fasteners are manufactured to strict accuracy standards as well as the quality requirements of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and the International Material Data System (IMDS). All materials used are ROHS compliant.

We have the systems and processes in place to provide the most comprehensive PPAP submission including:

Design check
Team Feasibility
Quality Check
Vendor Certifications
Control Plan

Dimensional Results
Process Flow Diagram
Measurement System Analysis Studies
Statistical Process Control Data Analysis
Part Submission Warrant

What sets Reed & Prince apart is our fierce dedication to achieving high standards in quality through employee training and empowerment, team building, benchmarking, and continuous improvement.