Engineering & New Product Development

Our highly experienced engineering team is one of the cornerstones of our company – working closely with our clients to develop the ideal customized fasteners for their specific applications. Their in-depth knowledge, decades of combined experience, and state-of-the-art design technology enable them to drive innovative product development and design the most effective, cost-efficient, high-quality engineered fasteners.


Engineering & New Product Development - Reed & PrinceThe process begins with a client print or sample. Using our own proprietary engineering design software, we evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing your part.

Our tool design is engineered using AutoCAD in conjunction with our own custom-designed, software. Based upon our experience of cold heading over 700 parts over the last 30 years, we choose the most cost-effective and efficient manufacturing methods to minimize waste, maximize savings, and produce the most precise and reliable fasteners possible – in volumes that can range from thousands to millions.

We obtain pricing for the materials and outside processes (heat treating and coating) required to complete your part from carefully selected suppliers; many of whom, are leaders in their industries, all of which have long standing partnerships with Reed & Prince spanning decades of quality, on-time service and competitive prices.

The evaluation process concludes with a team feasibility meeting with engineering, quality, production, and sales to sign off on production feasibility and pricing.

This proven process enables us to produce an astonishing array of precision-engineered, make-to-print fasteners that range from the simple to sophisticated – often saving our clients as much as 40 percent over machined, stamped and cast products.

Bring us your most challenging fasteners requirements
and we’ll show you how
we’ll meet – and exceed – them.